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Bye, Bye Scottsdale Weddings Blog

A terrible tragedy has struck my wedding and event blog: due to user error, it has dissolved into trillions of electrons and dispersed into the cold void of the internet.

My once noble site, with heaps of insightful, excellent content, is gone. All the prospective couples looking for Spanish Guitar for Scottsdale Weddings will now be deprived of its fascinating and helpful information.

How can such a thing happen?

It was time to change

My old website was looking as dated as a stingy brim fedora, as a cherry red Camaro, as a mullet, as an iPad2! It was as dated as the You’ve Got Mail website from 1998.* Yes, it’s still there.

*by the way, if you’re wearing a stingy brim fedora right now, sitting in your Camaro, reading this blog on your iPad2, don’t take any of this personally. Some people can pull it off.

They’re so last year

I began to notice that everyone and his sister’s dog had a nicer website than mine, more modern, slicker, with trendy fonts and minimalist design. Heck, my daughter’s website was better-looking and she made hers on her iPad mini and she’s only eight.

Some colleagues of mine recommended some fancy themes and new content management programs, but I felt invested in WordPress. You can do so much in WP, although no one knows how and it usually doesn’t work quite well. Still…

So of course I used Google and browsed the new eye candy until I found a theme I liked. I’m using Lush by themeforest . When I installed it and started playing with it, I quickly realized I’m not a graphic designer and I should probably stick to playing music. So I imported one of their gorgeous demo sites.

What happens when you import a demo site on your old site


Yes, yes, I tried to save all my old content to my computer. Problem is, I didn’t know what I was doing. Today when I went back to retrieve it, I realized I’d saved it incorrectly and most of the stuff there is garbage and unusable.

I also checked out the Wayback machine, but it wasn’t too helpful. The last save date was mid-2016, and most of my content was more useful.

My internet provider, Siteground, can probably restore it, but they charge $40 for that, and I’m sure it would be a lot of trouble. The truth is, those old posts were nothing worth writing home about. I can do better establishing my experience as a Scottsdale Wedding Guitarist and showing potential clients my expertise, knowledge, and real person-ness, while providing valuable and entertaining content.

By the way, if you have any ideas about things I should talk about, feel free to let me know. Many of my clients have never booked live music before, so their wedding or event is the first and maybe last time. I would love to understand how that feels from a fresh perspective.