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Insider’s View on a WeddingWire Profile, Part Final

The Beer Burro neighs to everyone that I'm the best guitarist she knows!

Just a few things to add today.


On the right side of the profile is message box to get in touch with the musician. This seems to work well. The message shows up in my email as from WeddingWire, but all the details are clearly marked. I can respond to it normally and it will get to you. A log of the conversation is kept in WeddingWire, for handy correspondence.

Sometimes it says “this bride prefers to be contacted through WeddingWire.” My guess is this is a default setting and most brides aren’t actively trying to exclude me from their inboxes. It shows their real email in the message anyway.

One nice thing about this contact feature is it gives me the ability to press a “Booked” button, which presumably lets everyone else know I’m not available for that date.

As it stands, the whole thing works fine. One thing that creeps me out is that other platforms have gradually changed things so that brides can’t talk to their musicians except through the site. They want to control every step of the process (read: make money on every step of the process). WeddingWire doesn’t do this. Yet.

Sorry, I can’t play for your wedding last month

One thing to be careful of: I don’t spend a lot of time on the WeddingWire site, I’m busy practicing, driving around, playing gigs. What’s happened sometimes is I’ll check in and see that someone inquired about my services months ago.

I never got the message.

This is very embarrassing, and I feel bad for the couple. They took the time to reach out to me, and they got crickets in return. I have no idea what kind of technical glitch causes this. But this is the reason it’s best to email or call or text me directly. Maybe all three! After all, emails get lost sometimes. Voice mails get lost sometimes.

It’s a lot to ask, but if I don’t respond, it’s not because of lack of interest. Technology is not perfect.

My guess is this happens to a lot of us, especially the ones who are more heavily invested in another Musician Shopping Mall, like Gigmasters or The Knot.


At the bottom of the profile are some more pictures and logos you probably never paid attention to. The “Endorsements” section is where other wedding vendors, such as musicians, planners, florists, etc. will say something like “Miguel de Maria is the best guitarist in the world and you’ll be so happy you hired him.” Or I might write, “Jenny’s Cupcakes are so good they opened my mind to what a cupcake could really be.”

Safe to say, I’m not the best guitarist in the world and Jenny’s cupcakes probably didn’t change my paradigm to that extent. Point is, we’re both working pros who’ve worked together at weddings and seen each other doing a good job. Seeing those is a good sign in the sense that it shows we’re actually out there. We’re real businesses. That being said, most of us don’t spend a lot of time endorsing others or seeking them.

Do you couples even look at that section? 🙂

Beer Burro picture by the amazing


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