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Fascinating Facts about Wedding Planning

How do couples plan their weddings nowadays?

Do you pick out the ring together now, or does the proposer do that alone?

Is it too old fashioned to ask the parents for their blessing?

These and other fascinating wedding facts were revealed in the 2017 WeddingWire Newlywed Report, compiled from a survey of over 13,000 couples who tied the knot in 2016. This top-secret document holds all the secrets wedding guitarists need to successfully entice our couples to hiring us for their ceremonies.

[Okay, it’s not secret. You can download it here.]

As far as enticing… I do that with my sound samples, videos, and pictures. Let’s get on with the survey.

Christmas Day is the most popular day to pop the question. I am seeing lots of possibilities here. Curled up next to the fire (or here in Arizona, maybe on the couch with the window open). All the presents are opened. Oops, there’s one left. It’s a small one. Guess what’s in the small box?

Good things come in small packages
credit: Rob Madeo

Or maybe… you’re having mimosas at brunch at a beautiful place like Top of the Rock in Tempe, and one of the mimosas has a piece of hardware floating around in it.

December, then, is also the most popular month to propose. Almost half of all engagements take place in the winterish months between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. I guess there’s something about the snow that’s romantic, or maybe it’s just romantic for it to not be 100 degrees.

The Phone, Your Guide to Wedded Bliss

50% of couples use the phone to plan their wedding. Which sounds funny, since they hardly ever call me. Text, email, yeah. Maybe they should start calling phones texters.

But seriously, phones are a great help in today’s multi-tasking, mobile world. It’s hard to carve out a big chunk of time to surf the net and check out vendors, but not so hard to find ten minutes here or there to slowly putting together the Big Day.

Yet somehow that adds up to 1-2 hours of planning a day, according to the survey. That’s verging on a part-time job.

Or just texting her fiance.
She might be planning her wedding.
credit: John Cecilian

Which leads us to: 52% of couples have top secret wedding boards on Pinterest. The survey does not reveal the sex breakdown here, but I do have my guesses. I take this to mean that wedding ideas, such as dresses, color schemes, music selections, centerpieces, cakes, etc. are diligently being added to these secret wedding boards by one member of the couple.

The other one may not have been informed they’re going to get married yet.

Your Wedding Website

70% of millennial couples create a wedding website.

This is mysterious to me. What do they look like, what do they have on them? No one’s ever invited me to a wedding website, even though I’ve happily performed at hundreds of weddings. I actually feel a little left out!

Biggest Planning Challenges

The survey has highlighted several things as being true difficulties.

  1. Determining Budget and Guest Size
  2. Making Decisions
  3. Keeping Track of Expenses
  4. Knowing You’re on the Right Track with Planning
  5. Finding Vendors

Each of these is totally individual, so no easy answers there. Except your wedding ceremony guitarist, that one’s easy. Please contact me if you have any questions about that.

Maybe we can shed some more light on the process in further posts.





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