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Wedding Planning, a Very Social Affair

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Would you like to know the secret ways couples in 2016 planned their weddings? Read on! Here are some more factoids gleaned from the 2016 WeddingWire couples survey, put in handy percentage form. After all, I know we all like to consult the numbers before we commit to our most important emotional decisions (end sarcasm font).

Is getting engaged a private matter, or a cause for public celebration?

25% of couples invite friends and family to witness the event. This is always a beautiful occasion, but you do have to be sure. If you know what I mean…

Do you keep your plans to yourself, or post pictures of it on Instagram and tell everyone you know you got engaged?

64% announce their engagement on social media. But of course! If you’re real old fashioned, you could do something like this:

Do you throw a party after the engagement?

25% say yes.

Building the wedding team

25% of couples search for vendors on their mobiles. Doing things like this. Are you reading this on a mobile? Hit me up @elegantguitar!

60% reach out via email. Always a good choice because it’s easier to do business and keep a record in that format.

87% read reviews. Along with references from other businesses, reviews are your best tool for showing the vendor is a real business that knows what they’re doing.

56% only consider vendors they can find on social media. (glad I signed up for Instagram last month!) Really, though, there are a lot of excellent and experienced folks who aren’t social media savvy. Is it really a good idea to exclude them from the process? The best Tweeter is not the best photographer or officiant. Just saying…

Which vendors to hire first

  1. Elegant guitar player, obviously!
  2. Venue 11.1 months out
  3. Wedding planner 10 months
  4. Catering and Photography 9.1 months
  5. Dress 8.6 months

40% of couples expect weekly communication with their vendors, especially planners, venues, and photographers.

I have never gotten the vibe that my couples want me to email them every week, although I have had threads over 50 in my gmail!

Email me today if you have any questions about music for your wedding or anything else.

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