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What’s Going On?

The Parched Desert

On this Twenty-Seventh of July, in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Seventeen

Dear Reader:

Without doubt, it has come to your attention that, for a while, the website of Miguel de Maria, Spanish Guitarist, has had an air of similarity; that is, a certain unchanged appearance; that is, no new content. One would be forgiven for wondering: where is the fellow, after all? Has he been forced to burn his guitars to power the air conditioner? Has he engaged on a walking tour of the countryside? Has he–may Providence preserve us!–taken a day job?

To these queries, all: nay, I say.

Truthfully, the static nature of my website has no sinister or fateful ramifications, besides entropy, or, shall I say, lassitude. I have not had any sparkling new ideas for blog posts, partly due to the fact that there are few gigs in the summer, and thus few scenarios to spark writing ideas, partly due to the enervating effects of the record Arizona temperatures, partly due to a rather avid interest in learning new guitar music.

In modern English, I’ve been lazy because of the heat, haven’t had anything to write about, and have been practicing a lot.

I have also been remiss in updating the “Events” section of my site, since in truth, I have been playing a decent amount of public gigs.

If you are up for brunch on the West Side, come check out the lovely Rogue Tomato in Glendale. I play there for brunch the first Sunday of every month, 11-2.

I have been playing at the mBar at Montelucia about every week from 6-8 PM. Unfortunately, my schedule there is erratic and I’m never sure what day it is until I’m booked; also I don’t know how long that gig will last.

I’ve been better about updating my Facebook page and broadcasting gigs. That would be the more up-to-date place: My Facebook Page. By the way, have you “Liked” my page? Please do! Although I don’t know if it really matters, it does make me feel good.

Also, do follow me on Instagram. I try to post something about every time I have a gig. Would love to hear from you.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading and do keep in touch!