Miguel on StairsA

I’m Miguel de Maria, and I’ve been playing guitar for weddings and events in Scottsdale and Phoenix for over a decade.


“It’s like going on a vacation to Spain or Mexico when you play,” one of my clients told me.


The sound of an acoustic guitar played with the fingers is elegant, romantic, and confident.

I’ve studied several styles of music. Classical guitar is complex, ornate, and aristocratic. Flamenco is direct, earthy, and rhythmic. Bossa Novas have a gentle sway. Our music here in America has its own memorable qualities. The music I play is a mixture: I call it “Spanish guitar” because most of my repertoire is related to Spain, either by composer, sound, or history. It goes well with the ambiance of the Southwest.

When I play for an event, I make sure to dress sharp and elegantly. People know that I’m a musician when they see me. My sound systems are powerful, accurate, and pro-quality, the same as found on concert stages or used by professional AV companies.

My focus is on supporting the event with my music. I keep the volume reasonable so people can talk normally, but still enjoy the ambiance. It’s about creating feelings for the guests: a touch of excitement and adventure with old-world elegance.

Having been a full-time musician here in Phoenix since 2004, I’ve performed at the vast majority of event venues for weddings, corporate events, and parties, as well as private homes. One couple bought my plane ticket to Seattle for her wedding. Another couple flew me in their private jet to Lake Tahoe. I’ve performed for up to 400 guests and for as as intimate as two people. Some planners and agencies I’ve been working with for over 15 years. The foundation of it all is being respectful, reliable, and easy to work with.